Benefits of IET approved apprenticeship schemes

IET approved apprenticeship schemes offer apprentices many benefits including streamlined Engineering or ICT Technician (EngTech/ICTTech) application processes and TMIET membership of the IET.

Apprentice with tablet computer The IET offers a lot of different services, one of which is to assess the quality of a company’s apprenticeship delivery and to award IET approval to outstanding schemes. But what does this assessment entail and how can apprentices benefit from choosing an IET approved scheme? Well, we sat down with the technician training advisor at the IET to run us through the assessment process and the perks for the schemes' apprentices.

What does IET approval mean?

Our expert volunteers will have studied the content of many competency-based qualifications and have judged them to cover all or most of the requirements to meet the standard for EngTech or ICTTech professional registration. This is the mapped competency-based qualification - mapped against the UK-SPEC for EngTech or ICTTech. The mapping of competency-based qualifications is free.

Any employer or learning provider delivering a mapped competency-based qualification can apply to have their scheme approved. The ability of the provider to supply the scheme is then assessed by The IET and if successful, becomes approved.

Being an approved apprenticeship scheme provider is an assurance that the business is committed to the future development of the participants, the content in both learning and experience is of a standard that will be of real value to any engineering employer and the support structure is capable of guiding the participants through their developing career. In addition, both the employer and the apprentices have access to all the backup services offered by the IET.

How do the apprentices benefit?

The main benefit of being on an IET approved apprenticeship scheme is that the application process for professional status as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) or ICT Technician (ICTTech), upon successful completion, is much easier. There is usually no need to supply evidence of competence and commitment, just a brief summary of the qualifications gained. (This does depend on the qualification - please check with the IET.)

While on an IET approved scheme, apprentices are encouraged to become apprentice members of the IET and will be eligible to apply for TMIET membership upon completion of their training. The membership fees for apprentices are much lower than standard, but the benefits are the same as the other categories of individual membership. Amongst other things, IET apprentice members will have access to online CV/competence tool Career Manager, receive regular magazines and stay one step ahead through the IET Library [new window].

Find out more about the advantages of membership by exploring the products and services which have been specifically developed to meet individuals’ personal and professional needs.