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August 3, 2015
IEE Institutional Involvement in WW1 - Council Minutes Extracts - July 1915

Council meeting of 15 July 1915

“486. The following report of the Finance Committee was received and adopted [only points (a) and (d) shown];

(a) Enlistment of staff.

Mr C W Skinner, a member of the staff, has applied for reconsideration of the terms on which he was given permission to enlist (see Minute No.468, 27 May 1915), and in view of further information received, the Committee have agreed to make him an allowance of 8 shillings per week while serving in the Army under the conditions of his present enlistment.

(d) First floor rooms.

Since the outbreak of the war the first floor rooms have been in the occupation of various departments of the Admiralty and War Office free of rent (see Minute No.307(b), 26 November 1914). In view of the falling off in the income of the Institution, the Finance Committee have suggested for the consideration of the Office of Works that a rental of £15 a week (about half of the usual rental), should now be paid to the Institution, and it is understood that the matter is under consideration.”

“487. It was agreed that, in the present exceptional circumstances, no action be taken in regard to removing from the register the names of students over 26 years of age now serving in Him Majesty’s Forces.”

“490. A letter (11 June 1915) was read from the Admiralty Air Department asking for the co-operation of the Institution in supplying information regarding German ports, industries, factories, etc. It was agreed that members of the Council be invited to communicate to the Secretary any such information that they may possess.”

“491. A letter (1 July 1915) was considered from Mr F Creedy, Associate Member, suggesting that the Institution take steps to bring engineers who have specialised in industrial research work into touch with the authorities with a view to investigating and developing inventions or assisting in any way that may be desirable.

A letter (3 July 1915) from Mr W Duddell on a similar subject was also considered. It was agreed as follows:-

(a) To place the services of the Council at the disposal of the Admiralty Inventions Board, of which Lord Fisher is Chairman.

(b) To make the same offer to any similar committee which may be formed by the War Office.

(c) To place the services of the Council at the disposal of the Board of education under the scheme for subsidising industrial research (see Minute No.473, 27 May 1915).”

“493. The President reported the replies received from the Local Sections in regard to forming Engineers’ Volunteer Training Corps outside London (see Minute No.428, 15 April 1915), and after hearing the views of the authorities of the Volunteer Training Corps which had been obtained by the President it was resolved that no further action be taken in this matter.”

[Note: there were no Council meetings in August 1915 or September 1915]

Jon Cable
Assistant Archivist
The Institution of Engineering and Technology


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