Supporting our Volunteer Talent

Volunteers are at the heart of the IET and key to delivery of the long-term strategy.  Launching a new drive to make sure the way we support our volunteers is best-in-class will ensure we have a strong team to meet that challenge.

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“The IET places volunteers at the heart of its vision and mission for the 21st century, recognising that their contribution is instrumental in helping the IET shape the future of the engineering and technology profession.”

Board of Trustees, October 2012



Volunteers are the power-house behind delivery of the IET’s activities and services. As such the IET will ensure they have flexible and attractive opportunities and roles, that they are fully informed and supported in performing their roles with relevant training and resources, that they are recognised for their contribution and understand their value to the IET. Volunteers and staff will work together, with their efforts co-ordinated by clear objectives and in alignment with the IET strategy and plans.

This is the vision of our Trustees and reflects the strategic importance of volunteers to our organisation.  With this is mind, a project to examine and enhance the way we recruit, train, support, communicate with, and recognise our volunteers was approved on 6th November. It will be a long-term improvement process.

The project is being directly overseen by the Volunteer Talent Support Working Party, a joint volunteer/staff group who are steering the project.  It is also supported by and reports regularly to the Nominations and Succession Committee and the Board of Trustees.

A short audio presentation with slides has been created to explain more about the project and what it hopes to achieve. The slides are also available as a downloadable PDF (update March 2013).



The findings from the recent survey are now available on the Surveys and polls page.

These results will be used to create a benchmark, to ensure we all correctly understand the issues and requirements of our current volunteers and to make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute. 

The findings will be used by the Volunteer talent Support Working Party to help us confirm our priorities for action and, once this has been agreed, we will publish the project plan and details on each work-stream. 


Regular updates will be available through-out the project and we welcome your input at every stage.  We can be contacted at