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Senior IET representative visits

The President undertakes a schedule of visits to Local Network areas or to attend high profile community events around the globe. Before the start of each session, the incoming President arranges this schedule.

The President will often be supported by a team drawn from the Deputy and Vice Presidents, the Local Network Chairman, the Chief Executive and Secretary and Directors, , to cover the widest possible spectrum of IET activity and policy making.

A visit from the President and senior IET representatives is an important opportunity for the Local Network committee to reach out to senior figures in the region to forge links and raise awareness of the IET locally. Local Networks should aim to enable the President to meet key, prominent figures in the area.

The support of Local Networks in identifying appropriate target companies and subsequently following up contacts is considered essential if the function is to be successful and have long term benefit. Meetings or social events held with senior industrialists are intended to spread the word on what the IET has to offer and to try and persuade companies to be more supportive of their staff in becoming members of the IET. It is important to stress that active involvement with the IET provides benefits for both individual engineers and their companies.

The costs associated with entertaining the President, senior IET representatives and guests should be included in the Network Plan although this may need to be applied for later in the session if not known at the time the initial Plan is prepared and approved.