Activity in schools

Communities are encouraged to plan activities for school children to stimulate interest in science, engineering and technology from a young age.

One of the primary objectives of the IET is to encourage young people to choose science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects at school, college and university and to choose engineering as a career. Both Local and Technical and Professional Networks can play a significant part in helping to achieve this aim. 

Education 5-19

The IET Education 5-19 department aims to make school pupils aware of the role of the engineer and encourage them to consider following one of the wide range of interesting careers available in the profession. To achieve this, the team produces a range of resources for teachers and pupils, organises the Faraday programme and works with other organisations at a national level, as well as with relevant departments within the IET.

Examples of local schools activities can be found in the Education section of the website. http://faraday.theiet.org/about/index.cfm

UK School Liaison Office

School Liaison Officers (SLOs) are volunteers who work with UK schools and facilitate the exchange of information between IET members, local activity delivery organisations and Education 5-19 staff.

For more information please contact Evanna Gale, Regional Liaison Officer for Education 5-19.

Funding for activity in schools

There is more information about how communities can fund activity in schools within the IET Communities Operating Procedures