Awards and prizes

Offering prizes and holding competitions can raise the profile of the IET to students and young professionals and help communities build local partnerships.

IET Prize

The IET automatically offers a prize to be awarded at every academic establishment where there is an accredited programme. These prizes include a certificate and free membership for two years, but no monetary prize.

They are administered centrally, but the PR value can be greatly enhanced if the Community gets involved and creates an event around the prize-giving. A  Community committee should check the list of IET accredited academic programmes and make contact with any in its area to arrange to present the prize.

IET Local Network Prize

Where the universities or colleges do not have IET accredited programmes Local Networks can offer an IET Local Network Prize to reward excellence in students. The prize winner should be nominated on the official form by the academic establishment on the basis of having achieved excellence on a course that falls within the IET’s scope of interest. No restriction regarding age, sex or nationality should be made. 

The value of the award must be £250 or an amount with an equivalent purchasing power in other countries. Only one award should be offered per establishment even where there are a number of different departments specialising in different areas of engineering and technology. The cost of running the event and the value of the prize must be included in the Network plan.

Present Around the World

All networks are encouraged to hold local heats of the Present Around the World (PATW) competition, a presentation competition for young people, and support the winners to go on to further heats of the competition. PATW culminates in an annual international final that brings together five winners from the IET’s regions.

The cost of running an event, the value of the prize and any travel expenses associated with sending the winner on to the next stage of the competition must be included in the Network plan. Network committees are encouraged to appoint a PATW Coordinator to manage this activity. All the information a Local Network needs in order to host a PATW competition can be found on the PATW website.