Present around the world coordinator

To take responsibility for any heats of the competition hosted by the community and to coordinate the delivery of the competition so that the event runs successfully.

We're looking for well organised individuals to take on the role of Present Around the World Coordinator.

The primary focus of the role is to coordinate the delivery of the competition on behalf of the community to ensure its smooth running.  You'll need to be able to work under pressure, have great team working abilities and be prepared to delegate as the role requires you to liaise with the Publicity and Promotion Officer and the Online Community Administrator to ensure the events is appropriately publicised.

You'll need to secure a venue, arrange the catering and liaise with the entrants to ensure their presentations are available on the day.  You'll also be responsible for ensuring suitable judges are selected.

If you're interested in finding out more about the role you can download the PDF below.



 To apply for this volunteering role please email the Communities Team.