Volunteer roles

You can get involved with the IET in a number of different ways to suit your skills, abilities and time commitments...

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Communities roles

As a volunteer within a community, you'll be helping to provide public benefit and fulfil its charitable remit as well as raising awareness about our activities.

Professional registration

Professional registration

Professional Registration and Fellowship Roles

Professional registration recognises your competence, commitment, skills and experience.


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Education roles

Providing support for the IET's educational activities from our work in schools all the way through to university education.

Boards and Committees

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Board and committee roles

The IET is governed by a number of main boards, reporting committees and other groups with a committee structure that help to support the IET's activities.

Volunteering at the IET

Professional development

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Professional development roles

Supporting the continuing professional development of people working in the fields of engineering and technology.


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Speciality roles

Roles that require specific skills, abilities or knowledge to undertake the activities involved.