Expert witnesses, arbitrators and adjudicators

The IET aids the legal profession by nominating expert witnesses to present technical information in court.

Did you know that the IET provides a dispute resolution service which is available to any member of the public or commercial organisation?

To support this service the IET maintains a register of experts who can be called upon to provide technical expertise or in some cases help with arbitration or possibly act as an adjudicator. As you can imagine, in today’s technologically driven world, expertise is required in many or multiple disciplines, spanning a wide range of sectors.

It is important to point out that the IET does not get involved with solving disputes directly; its function is to connect the right experts with clients, in order to provide the necessary technical expertise.

The IET is always looking for experts to include in its register (previously referred to as the President’s List).

Further information can be found on our website or to register an interest please contact Alan Berry