One team working: Knowledge Packs

IET staff have been working closely with members on the development of the new IET Knowledge Packs.

Led by James McLoughlin, Head of Marketing for Knowledge Management, and Richard Hollis, Head of Commercial and Business Development, this project was created to promote the value and relevance of the IET’s Digital Library content to IET members and the wider engineering community by creating preferential content packages called 'Knowledge Packs'.

“Knowledge Packs are all about improving access to content for IET members and beyond - essentially we are going to be delivering bite-sized digital content which is flexible, accessible and cost-effective for individual end-users,” James explains.

“Individuals can choose exactly what content they access from the IET Digital Library, whether that's journal articles or book chapters from a wide range of engineering topics.


Member benefits

“IET members will be the primary benefactors of Knowledge Packs as they will be eligible for ten digital downloads from the IET Digital Library each year of membership - they will also be eligible for a member discount on a further pack of knowledge - £25 for 25 downloads, which is just £1 per book chapter or journal article. Non-members will also be able to obtain Knowledge Packs, however they will have to pay £75 for 10 downloads,” he adds.


Staff and members work together to develop new product

These Knowledge Packs have been developed after in-depth discussions with IET staff and volunteers within the Knowledge Management (KM) and Membership Professional Development (MPD) boards. Both boards offered useful input and also recommended the inclusion of the IET Council.

“We worked closely with members/volunteers from the KM and MPD boards as well as Council - an IET advisory group made up of active volunteers. Importantly Council members were viewed as both important advocates amongst their own peer networks, as well as potential users of Knowledge Packs,” he highlights.


Developing a Strategy Working Party

The Council established a Strategy Working Party to collect their views on the proposal and a discussion was initiated within a private Engineering Community group. Their report highlighted an overwhelming support for the proposed Knowledge Packs, reinforcing earlier feedback, and it was agreed that following the Council’s input, a survey should be carried out amongst IET members to gauge likely interest.

“Working with the Council was a highlight as this engagement with active volunteers from around the world gave us valuable insight into what members want, as well as reassurance that we were going down the right lines. This was subsequently backed up by formal market research with around 250 IET members,” says James.


When will the Knowledge Packs arrive?

Knowledge Packs will be promoted to IET members this northern hemisphere autumn, with the official launch early next year.

“The expectation based on IET Council feedback and market research is that there should be a high take up of the free downloads by members as a new membership benefit,” James adds.

“The initial plan is to encourage usage from amongst our members so that they can fully appreciate the value of the content within the IET Digital Library,” he concludes.