You as a volunteer

Volunteering is central to the life of the IET, and to achieving its aims now and in the future.

Volunteers invest time and energy across the entire spectrum of IET activity – from membership to Wiring Regulations, archives to online communities, events to education. Whether your role is influencing policy or inspiring children, the IET depends upon you to maintain its place at the forefront of engineering and technology and has an exceptional team of over 4000 volunteers, working in the UK and internationally, to make the IET a force to be reckoned with.

We are delighted that you have decided to bring your skills, experience and enthusiasm to bear as a volunteer at the IET and would like to ensure that you have flexible and attractive opportunities and roles, are kept fully informed and supported in performing them with relevant training and resources, and that you are recognised for your contribution and understand your value to the IET.

Below you will find some useful information to support you, both in getting settled into your role and throughout your volunteering experience with us.

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Your guide to volunteering

Your interactive handbook, to guide you through all the basic information you need to get started and get the best from your volunteering experience.


All our inductions are aimed at new volunteers or those that are already engaged with volunteering activities and would like a refresher.

Virtual tour

Discover more about the activities undertaken in the IET’s UK office HQ by using our interactive floor plan of Michael Faraday House.

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Policies and guidance

The IET has a number of specific policies that volunteers should adhere to whilst undertaking activity on the Institutions' behalf.

Online policy sign-up

Read about signing-up to our legislation-related policies and the Volunteer Code of Conduct online.

Recognising volunteer talent

How the IET recognises the immense commitment of time and effort given by volunteers.

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Office 365 for volunteers

Find out about the availability of Office 365 for volunteers, and the phased roll-out during 2018.

Volunteer surveys

Results from volunteer surveys and access to open polls.

Role descriptions

Providing the focus of each volunteer role, alongside its duties and responsibilities.