Everyday Champions

Celebrating volunteering video campaign.

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Our volunteers – that’s you! – are the IET’s Everyday Champions and we simply wouldn’t be here without you. In fact, what you do is so great it’s worth celebrating and what’s better than hearing from the champions themselves?

We want to tell the world what great stuff is happening, why you love doing it, and how it showcases the IET values in action. Here is your chance – through the medium of short videos, from individuals or as a group – to tell us how great your volunteering is and why our core values – Integrity, Excellence and Teamwork – are important to you. Why do you take the time to make a difference and how do you inspire, inform and influence others around the world?

What are we looking for?

We want short, snappy videos that can be filmed as a ‘selfie’ by an individual or group talking about how great volunteering can be, including examples, and why any one or all of our core values are important. Videos should last no more than 90 seconds in length – and the more creative they are, the better! Why not also challenge your volunteer colleagues to submit their videos to the Everyday Champions campaign and pass on the fun?

Hints and tips on filming, full information on your video format and how you can submit it can be found in our Filming Guide. It’s easy to submit your video to volunteer@theiet.org via www.wetransfer.com and once we have received your video, we will upload it to our Everyday Champions video wall to celebrate IET volunteering around the world.

Please remember to read the Everyday Champions Terms & Conditions and complete/send us your Submission Form (both downloadable from see also box) with your video - unfortunately we will be unable to publish your video without it!