Social media guidance

Created for IET members looking for advice on using Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter to extend their communications.

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If you have, or are interested, in using Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter to extend your communications, here are some hints and tips.

What is social media?

Social media facilitates a two-way (or more) conversation between people that allows relationships to be built online.  They are another communication channel with the difference being that in the social media space relationships are formed through ‘individuals’ (staff interacting with engineering and technology professionals, or engineering and technology professionals interacting with each other) rather than a generic impersonal company voice.

Benefits include

  • Use as another communication medium to build relationships.
  • Capture conversations about the IET and react to both positive and negative comments.
  • Growing conversations about the IET results in better search engine ranking.
  • Showing your audience that you listen to them.
  • Generate new leads and future business.
  • Providing organic formation of engineering and technology communities.

Setting up a new social media group?

Take time to read the Social Media policy for volunteers - following just a few simple hints and tips will help to ensure social media works for your activities.

Be clear about your objectives

  • Have clear objectives. It is vital to be clear on what you are using Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter for.
  • Without a purpose, there is a higher chance your enthusiasm will decline.
  • Do you need to set up an account? Do you have time to manage it? It may be more beneficial to promote activity in more established engineering/technology groups.

Best practice

  • When engaging in other engineering/technology groups it may be beneficial to inform people about your association with the IET.
  • Make time! Regular use is vital for engagement.
  • Try to answer questions; do not just ask them.
  • Drive your audience to the IET’s web presence; they can discover further valuable content.
  • Positively promote and protect the integrity and reputation of the IET.
  • Listen to your audience and respond. Remember, social communication is two-way.
  • Be proactive! Don’t assume people will come to you.

An infographic showing how to utilise social media in order to promote events

The IET Communities team have put together an infographic to help you make the most of social media, specifically Twitter, when planning your local activities.

Click on the image to view it full size.

Some dos and don’ts

  • IET copyright material must be identified as such and the copyright attributed to the IET.
  • Images posted should not be offensive, inappropriate, or reflect negatively on the IET and its members.
  • Do not make any statements that could be inferred as an IET corporate position, except where expressing an official policy or statement of the organisation which must be wholly reproduced.
  • Remember: the IET Rules of Conduct apply to any social media activity you undertake.
  • Please do not advertise personal commercial interests.