Producing Content

Although IET Communities output is primarily around events, it’s important that Local and Technical Networks think about how to engage with those who are unable to attend events. One option is to do this through producing content either as a result of events or independently of them.

This page includes documents that will provide you with information on how to produce and share content with members of your community and a wider online audience.

User generated content

In this briefing we highlight how you can encourage users of your online community to post their own content. By uploading content you can create an active area, publicise events with other members and make connections with people in your region. The briefing also highlights some networks that are doing this to positive effect.


Producing Technical papers

In this briefing we explain the options for networks that would like to organise Call for Paper events. This is of particular interest to Technical Networks but Local Networks can do this as well. Through these events the successful papers are submitted to the IET Digital Library for indexing which is of significant value to authors.


This is a relatively new area for the IET. TechBites are bitesize technical insight documents that emerge out of events organised by Technical and Professional Networks (TPNs). Please take a look at the TechBites webpage and if you feel that the insights from your event are of a similar technical level and you have at least three speakers willing to be interviewed then please let your Community Manager (CM) know.

Society Insights

IET Local Networks highlight future challenges for society and look at the engineering and technology solutions to solve them. The Society Insights Blog highlights some of the key challenges identified by Local Networks at their events that society will face in the future such as energy supply, transportation, water and food resources and waste management (to name just a few). If you have any events that fit this theme and at least one speaker willing to be interviewed then please let your CM or Local Network Manager (LNM) know.

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Producing content with IET.tv  

Filming events is a great way of opening up the event topic and content to those outside of the lecture hall.

If you would like to discuss the potential filming of your event, please contact your LNM or CM to discuss further.

Infographic template  

We have created an infographic template that you can use to share information that is specific to your LN.

If you need more information on the above then please contact the Communities Team.

Join the conversation!

If you want to ask other IET Communities Volunteers about producing content go to the IET Volunteer Community today and start a discussion.