PR, Communication & Branding

An important part of running a Local Network is to ensure that more people become aware of the IET and that they see a professional and credible organisation.

On this page we provide information and resources on how to grow your community through the use of PR and communications whilst ensuring that your Local Network is an identifiable part of the IET.

Media and Communications Toolkit

A good communications plan will help promote your events, increase audience numbers, as well as raise the profile of your community, both in the local area and within the IET.

The Media and Communications Toolkit is newly updated and provides guidance on how volunteers and members can promote their work through the media. Included in the updated version is a template press release which is based on a Local Network event.


Volunteers Branding Guidance

The IET has a strong brand that is becoming more well-known globally. To continue this growth in awareness we have Branding Guidelines to up hold the IET’s brand integrity. However we realise that this is a long document for volunteers to conform to so we have created a shorter version for Local Network volunteers.

Please note that the guidance does not cover digital material. However Local Networks should not be running independent websites. If your LN would like an online presence then please create a community within the Engineering Communities platform. For more information on this please contact your Community Manager.  

An image of a Megaphone  

Promotional items on the Marketing Toolkit

If you need to create marketing material like posters you can use our Marketing Toolkit. This creates on brand material automatically so you don’t even need to know our branding guidelines.

Also available on the Toolkit are promotional items which can be used at your LN events to create a great IET presence. We have created a briefing to give details on what there is available to order.


If you would like access to the Marketing Toolkit please let your Community Manager or Community Event Producer know.

LN holding presentation slide

If you are running an event and would like to provide a professional and on brand welcome to delegates then please use this downloadable holding slide.

Member News/E&T - online and printed

One of the questions we are sometimes asked by volunteers is whether we can get an article in the E&T Magazine. It should be noted, however, that the E&T Magazine has an independent editorial policy and therefore staff are limited by what they can request. However we are always looking for content for Member News (both printed and online) so if you have a great story to tell about your Local Network activities then get in touch. By getting an article in Member News you will raise awareness of your work to many of the 160,000 IET Members throughout the world.

Learn from other volunteers!

Richard Tregaskes, Secretary of the Southern California LN talked to us about the benefits of creating a communications matrix. This includes forward planning emails to coincide with speakers, topics and technical visits for the year ahead. Read about his experiences and how your LN could benefit from implementing a communications plan.

Join the conversation!

If you want to ask other IET Communities Volunteers about PR, communications and branding go to the IET Volunteer Community today and start a discussion.