Marketing and promotion for IET Communities

There are a number of resources available to Communities Volunteers to help you promote your network and activities. Here we provide you with a summary along with some useful links.

Before you begin exploring the various marketing channels, please use the event marketing campaign template we've created in order to help you have a more structured approach to marketing your event.

The IET website

Your first place to start with promotion should be the IET website. By creating a page in the Events area of the website you will enable visitors to view events around the world. Volunteers can input events directly into the IET Event Calendar using a simple online webform that enables users to provide information on the event. For more information on the IET Events Calendar and the webform go to the Running events page.

Email marketing

Staff marketing emails: Email communication is a crucial part of a marketing plan. Local Networks and Technical Networks are supported by IET staff to send out email communication. This briefing provides an overview of the support available to Local Networks.

A hand holding a megaphone Adestra for Volunteers Tool: Local Networks also have the facility to send out email communication direct. This briefing provides a summary of the benefits of the tool along with information on how to get access.

Below are some examples of successful marketing emails that have been created by volunteers. These have been annotated, you can see the comments by hovering your cursor over the speech bubble icons.

Creating posters and flyers

There are a number of options for volunteers to produce promotional items like posters and flyers.

The IET Marketing Toolkit: This is an online resource for creating your own marketing materials (using templates) to promote your community and its activities. You can also order IET produced promotional items and literature covering products and services to use at events. If you would like to gain access to the toolkit please ask your Community Manager or Community Event Producer.

Editable PDF templates: If you care less about creative freedom and more about producing something quickly then this should be your option. You will not be able to insert images (the template is pre-populated with a generic image). You will also not be able to add any partner logos or QR codes.

Create your own: You can create your own if neither of these options work for you. However you must ensure that they adhere to the IET Branding Guidelines.

Please note that there are marketing materials branded specifically for Present Around The World (PATW). You can find these in the 'Planning the event' section on the PATW organisers webpage. Alternatively you can find these in the Marketing Toolkit.

Programme booklets

Programme booklets are used by some Local Networks to advertise their events for the upcoming session. This briefing clarifies the rules around programme booklets and the support available to you.

Data Protection Policy and training

The IET’s Data Protection Policy is currently being updated due to the GDPR. It will be ready mid-January 2018 and new training will be provided.

Social media

Don’t forget about social media when promoting your events. An infographic has been produced to show you how you can best use social media to promote your events.

We have also created an infographic template that you can use to share information that is specific to your LN.

• A Communities film that in 90 seconds tries to cover what networks do. 

Using the media

If you want to go the extra mile, particularly if you have a big/high profile event with a strong human interest angle, press and broadcast media coverage can be a powerful tool. The IET Communications team has developed a media pack to help volunteers gain coverage in the media. They can offer support and advice to help you develop effective working relationships with the media in your local area.

Learn from other IET volunteers

Social Media Best Practice: Leon Ha of the Western Australia YP committee has created some practical guidance to help you use social media more effectively. He has produced 3 best practice infographics as well as a concise document that focusses on content development.You can find all of these documents attached to this blog post.

Marketing case study 1: The IET Berkshire Local Network (LN) has achieved some great attendance figures for recent events, including one of its flagship annual events, the Great Debate. Read about how they have achieved this.

Marketing case study 2: Data has shown us that many of the IET’s best-attended events have been those where the speakers and volunteers have leveraged their own professional networks and social media profiles to provide promotional support. Read about how one of our networks achieved this.

PDF Case study (243 k)

Marketing case study 3: London volunteer Paula Barratt previously gave her view on the 'Adestra for volunteers' email tool. In case you missed it, read her blog to find out what she had to say.

If you have any questions or suggestions around IET branding and creating your own marketing materials and communications, please email them to Communities@theiet.org.

Join the conversation!

If you want to ask other IET Communities Volunteers about marketing and promotion go to the IET Volunteer Community today and start a discussion.