Your guide to volunteering at the IET

Your interactive handbook has been created to guide you through all the basic information you need to get started and get the best from your volunteering experience.


This interactive handbook will introduce you to the basic information you need to get started in your new volunteer role and act as a useful reference throughout your volunteering.  It is designed to help you navigate to the information you need, but can also be read in order to provide a holistic view of volunteer support at the IET.  We hope you’ll also like the case studies and be inspired to tell us your own story.

You will get the best experience from the handbook in its online, interactive form.  However, please feel free to print any sections you wish to – but remember that once printed it becomes an uncontrolled document and may go out of date.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the handbook we’d love to hear them - please contact us at volunteer@theiet.org.

PDF Volunteer Handbook (67221 k)

This new version of the handbook, released in April 2018, has been significantly re-written from previous versions.  We therefore have not produced a list of recent changes on this occasion, but will do so for future amendments.  Those familiar with the handbook and just wanting an update should focus on the Policies section, where the majority of amendments are to be found.

FAQs for Volunteer Ambassadors

This list of frequently asked questions is to assist you in your role as an ambassador for the IET through your volunteering, and designed to act as a quick reference guide to enable you to share information when asked about the IET.