Good Practice Guides – For Volunteers, By Volunteers

The CC-UK (a volunteer committee that provides support to UK based LN’s) have produced a number of good practice guides to assist LNs. These are written by volunteers, gathering a range of approaches across LNs, with a view to sharing this knowledge. As such they are intended as ideas/suggestions, rather than must do’s.

The guides are available through the IET Engineering Communities 'Volunteers’ blog. Each guide will also be communicated in the monthly Communities volunteer updates. We hope you find them useful!

Although these guides have been written from a UK perspective, they may also be useful to LNs in other locations. Obviously not every aspect will be relevant to every LN, but there should be plenty within each guide to give you ideas – even if it is only confirming what you already know or do.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact the CC-UK.