Communities’ aims and objectives

This page includes documents and links that explain the strategic direction for IET Communities.

IET strategic objectives

A key influence on the Communities’ aims and objectives is the overall IET strategy that is set by our Board of Trustees:

The IET Strategy

Communities' Governance structure

Below the IET’s Board of Trustees are a number of other committees that influence Communities aims and objectives. This document shows you the Communities governance structure:

A dedicated Technical and Professional Networks - Communities Committee (TPN-CC) has recently formed. This committee will be responsible for the strategic direction of TPNs, which will involve: strengthening technical output; making decisions on funding; supporting the setup of new technical communities:

PDF Meet the TPN-CC (458 k)

Communities Resourcing Committee strategy

The Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) is responsible for reviewing the main IET strategic aims and objectives and identifying the areas where communities can make the most effective contribution. The strategic focus that we develop informs the Communities Committees (CCs), and subsequently the activities of the Local Networks, Technical Networks, On Campus Student Groups and Young Professional Groups. The CRC reviews this every year and the document below outlines the focus for the current and the next session:

A image listing the communities achievements in 2016-17  

Strategic Engagement and Partnerships

The Sectors team have recently joined Governance and Policy and formed a new department to be the trusted advisor, the authoritative voice and strategic partner of choice; that delivers impact and change for the benefit of engineering and society. The hot topics for 2017 are listed in the document below:

If you would like any further information on the above then please contact the Communities Team.

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