Communities: An overview for volunteers

IET Communities have a number of different functions. They bring engineers and technicians around the world to network, collaborate, share ideas, learn and expand their contacts. These communities are primarily run by volunteers with some staff support.

Different types of IET Communities

No IET Community is exactly the same but there tend to be five different types:

Local Networks - Based on a geographic area, IET Local Networks have a presence around the world from California to Japan and many areas in between.

Technical and Professional Networks - These networks produce high-level technical content, support the IET's knowledge portfolio and give members important networking opportunities.

Young Professional Networks - Many of these are linked to Local Networks and provide Young Professionals (under the age of 30) with a forum to expand their knowledge and contacts.

Student Communities - Similar to Young Professional Networks, these tend to be based in universities and provide engineering students with social and learning activities.

Online Communities - Using the IET’s own social networking platform – Engineering Communities – many of the communities mentioned above have an online space for engineers around the world to connect. However there are also many communities that solely function online.

Get involved

If you are interested in volunteering for a Community then email us with your name and the name of the Community you would like to help. We can then put you in touch with the relevant volunteers or signpost you to the online community.

Already involved?

If you are already a volunteer for a community and would like to find information then you have come to the right place! Take a look at our new video which summarises all the information available on the Communities pages within the IET Volunteer Gateway.

Communities metrics
-  Download the monthly metrics report and submit your metrics to the Communities team.

Communities strategy - Get the bigger picture and understand the strategic direction For IET Communities.

Good practice guides - Written by volunteers, gathering a range of knowledge across LNs.

Managing money - Information, forms and guidance to help you financially manage your community.

Marketing and promotion - Find out how to reach a wider audience with our tools to promote your events and community.

Online communities - COMING SOON! Create an active online IET Community.

Planning and funding - How should you plan and fund an IET community?

PR, communication & branding - Use PR and communication to widen your audience and do this within the IET brand.

Producing content - Learn how to produce great content that helps you grow your community.

Products and services - Keep up to date with other IET products and services and learn how to promote them.

Successful communities - Find out what success looks like.

Running successful events - Hints and tips to make your event amazing!

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Meet the Communities team

The Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) provides leadership and make key strategic decisions about IET communities. Meet the Volunteers who make up the CRC and you can also find out about the staff who support IET communities around the world. Meet the team!

Join the conversation!

If you want to ask other IET Communities Volunteers about Communities go to the IET Volunteer Community today and start a discussion.