Communities' metrics

All you need to know about communities metrics. Download the monthly metrics report and find out how to submit your metrics to the Communities team.

Reporting metrics for community activities

Delegate or attendance figures for each community activity are an essential metric used to measure success and prove the value of community activity in terms of sharing technical knowledge, engaging with non IET members whilst helping the IET fulfil its charitable remit.

Monthly reports

Every month a report is generated showing cumulative metrics information for the year to date. These reports enable volunteers to check that the IET is recording accurate information that reflects the activity of their community. This information is used to:

  • Help the Communities Resourcing Committee (CRC) and regional Communities Committees (CCs) make decisions about funding allocations for individual communities;
  • Contribute to the IET’s strategic key performance indicators;
  • Help communities show a record of successful activity.

Does this information affect funding allocation?

Image representing metrics Yes, participation figures from community activities are one of the key pieces of information that the CRC and CCs use when allocating funding to communities. These figures provide the funding bodies with information that communities are delivering activities for IET members and also reaching an audience beyond the IET’s membership. Over time metrics also provide evidence of how a community is developing and extending its reach. Communities that do not return delegate figures for their events are likely to see a reduction in funding.

What information is required?

It is an essential requirement that every IET community reports total delegate figures for each of its events. If it is possible to record how many participants are IET member or non-members then this is even more useful. Our preferred method of reporting is to send an email with the following information to Community Support, please also include the name of your community in the email subject line:

  • Funding community;
  • Sub group (if applicable);
  • Date of event;
  • Title of event;
  • Total IET members;
  • Total non-members;
  • Total delegates.

If you like to keep a spread-sheet to track your metrics the downloadable example might be useful for you, and if you do maintain a spread-sheet then there is no need to pull the data into the body of the email, just attach the spread-sheet to the email.