Branding and corporate marketing

Become a brand ambassador for the IET.

As volunteers for the IET we value your time and input to promoting the IET and spreading the word on engineering throughout your communities, be they technical, geographical or other. This area of the volunteer gateway will provide you with the resources and tools to be a brand ambassador for the IET.

IET marketing tools for volunteers

There are tools that we offer our volunteers to ensure that we are being as flexible as we can in enabling you to efficiently create your own marketing materials & communications. You can find out more about these tools here.

The IET brand

Each of the products and services within the IET have a visual and verbal identity that is consistent with the IET brand through the use of the logo, language, black text on a white background and strong use of imagery to convey colour and interest.

To view a copy of the IET brand guidelines for volunteers, please download the document below:

Please see the below documents if you would like more detailed guidance:



Please download the below document for more information on how to market your events, including how to develop flyers and posters. Should you require the IET logo for co-sponsorship purposes please email us.


The IET Story The corporate image including many different engineering elements forming the shape of the IET logo

To complement existing products and services, raise brand awareness and highlight the importance of engineering to society, the IET has a corporate identity entitled “The IET Story”.

The IET Story looks at the relationship between the IET, engineering and society, showing the relevance of the Institution in the 21st Century.

The collateral below has been developed to show the IET's relevance and value to members and non-members alike, and will help you promote the IET at events and in presentations.


IET corporate video

An overview of the impact of Engineering on our everyday lives and how the IET focuses on promoting the engineering profession.

The video is available to view online or you can download it using the link below (length 4min 25sec).

http://conferences.theiet.org/volunteer-gateway/iet-corporate-video.zip (254MB)

*Recommended for use during breakout sessions during events or meetings.


IET short animations

Featuring the IET Story image the animations are short and dynamic with a call to action (length approximately 25sec per clip).  There are a few variations to choose from:

Video animation 1 (no words)

Video animation 2 (Challenges, Solutions and Innovation)

Video animation 3 (Professional Home for Life, Essential Engineering Intelligence and Engineering Everywhere, Everyday for Everyone).

http://conferences.theiet.org/volunteer-gateway/iet-video-animations.zip (49.3MB)

*Recommended for use as an introduction at events as the venue fills, can be embedded into presentations for use during meeting presentations as part of the whole IET story.


IET rolling presentation

This presentation has been developed to showcase the IET's products and services.

http://conferences.theiet.org/volunteer-gateway/iet-rolling-presentation.zip (6.41MB)

*Recommended for use at the start of events and during breakout sessions.


IET Member screensaver

This has been produced for members to download the IET animation as their screensaver.

http://conferences.theiet.org/volunteer-gateway/iet-membership-screensaver.zip (18.6MB)

To download the screensaver please download the instructions below.