How the IET works

Information about the how the IET is structured, policies and guidance, acronyms and useful contact information.


A handy document to help decipher acronyms used in the day-to-day activities of the IET.


Contact details of IET staff who support volunteers, including the staff organisation chart.


Governance roles

Information relating to the IET’s governance structure and how it provides the mechanism for deciding how resources are allocated and ensuring the financial health of the institution.

Performance and activities

This area of the website is restricted to active volunteers.


Policies for IET volunteers

The IET has a number of specific policies for volunteers, that aim to provide consistency of delivery and ensure compliance with current laws.


Setting the direction and focus for our roadmap to success.

Volunteer demographic

The IET has a community of over 4,300 volunteers who commit their time to helping the IET achieve its aims and objectives. Take a look at where they are around the world and which area of volunteering they contribute to by downloading the infographics below.