Governance roles

Information relating to the IET’s governance structure and how it provides the mechanism for deciding how resources are allocated and ensuring the financial health of the institution.

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The IET is governed by a Board of Trustees, to which report five committees and Council.  In addition, three main boards – Volunteer Engagement Board, Knowledge Services Board, and Membership and Professional Development Board  – manage the activities of the Institution with support from sub-committees, amongst which are the Volunteer Support Working Party, Communities Resourcing Committee, Registration & Standards Committee, Fellows Forum, Awards and Prizes Committee, and many others.  You can find a detailed explanation of IET Governance in the 'About Us' section of the web site.


Posts within these Boards and Committees are either appointed or elected.  The specific requirements for each, including how appointments are made, can be found in the Terms of Reference.   For posts subject to election an explanation of the nominations process and recent results can be found in the 'About us' section of the website.

For details on other volunteer roles currently available within the IET, please visit Volunteering Opportunities.