Year four - progression

In this significant year of the programme, you should look to attend national and international events to build your knowledge within their sector, make good use of IET's specialist knowledge packages, and review your progressional development plan with your line manager or mentor.

Technician pathway

View our technician pathway according to your career stage.


You are an experienced technician and a valued member share your expertise and experience by becoming a volunteer – the IET can offer senior technicians a variety of rewarding options.

Keep up to date with national and international engineering and technology issues globally
with IET Community events.


Learn about new engineering and technology related theories and techniques by attending an IET event or conference.

Use the IET knowledge resources to develop your understanding of engineering activities and best practice that contribute to sustainable development.


Review and keep your professional development plan up to date and, using Career Manager, assess your current competence levels with your line manager or mentor.

Apply for ICTTech/EngTech/IEng. You can also find a professional registration advisor or attend professional registration events in your area to discuss your application.