Technician pathway

We've created a professional framework, setting goals, providing tools and delivering expert support and guidance at each and every stage.

Technician pathway

View our technician pathway according to your career stage.

You decide how and when to use it is depending on your career stage and needs. It covers some of the most important aspects of your IET membership and it’ll make sure that you focus on the elements that are important to you.


Community is focused on building your interaction and engagement with other engineers and technician. This section highlights the tools at your disposal to become an active member of the global engineering community.


Knowledge is focused on raising your awareness of the huge IET knowledge resources at your disposal as part of your membership. It highlights the key online resources that we have available to support your on-going knowledge requirements for CPD. Crucially, it’ll help you to work towards professional registration.


Development is focused on supporting you with on-going CPD and working towards professional registration. It’ll allow you to take control and plan your own professional development. It also offers tips on how to best utilise IET resources to support you on your journey towards professional registration.