Becoming a technician

How to become a technician.

Thinking about becoming a technician

If you are leaving school or thinking of a career change we recognise that you will have questions and will need to make difficult decisions about your career. We understand that you want and need the best advice and information to enable you to make an informed choice.

Whilst we cannot provide you with an all-encompassing guide to becoming a technician the information below has been written to give you an introduction and to enable you to find out more information.

What are technicians?

Technicians work in a variety of roles across all sectors of engineering and IT. Technicians are skilled and valued members of a team, and there are different levels depending on their knowledge and experience. While they usually focus on the practical application of their chosen field, they will need to have some understanding of mathematics, IT and science.

The type of work undertaken by technicians will depend on the sector they have chosen to specialise in, but they can solve technical problems, undertake experiments, collect data and calculate the results. Technicians may be working with Chartered and Incorporated Engineers to get new products ready for market or be self-employed.

For example electricians can be working in a domestic house or wiring a new aeroplane, mechanical technicians can work on a production line or an F1 Formula car and IT technicians could be testing a new game software/ IT security product or installing a network system in a data centre.

The IET has some information regarding some areas of engineering which will give you information about the type of work that you could be involved in.

Where to start?

There are several ways into the industry. If you are unsure of the route to take you could volunteer for work experience or internship with a local company over a summer. Some companies will deliver apprenticeship schemes, which will train an individual to national recognised qualifications and will develop your career through the company. Working as a technician will not limit your career, many senior managers and chartered engineers began as technicians and have worked their way up an organisation. Depending on the sector that you want to work in there are vendor qualifications which will give you basic knowledge.

The IET is able to offer its members support if you are just starting out or wanting to develop. For example, our mentoring scheme will put you in touch with volunteer members who will help to guide you in your career.