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IET On Campus is designed to support everyone in the engineering faculty with students at the heart of it.  We will give you access to tailored practical, technical and career-related resources and help you create links with industry and other universities, building a platform for you to demonstrate your skills and raise your profile.

More energy on campus

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In an increasingly competitive job market, employers are hiring graduates who’ve taken the time to raise their profile by developing their interests and skills outside of their course.

Engage with Student Zone

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Student Zone

Join our online student community. Start your own discussions, showcase your stories and events and lets others know what you are doing on campus.

Setting up a student community

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Get up and running

The IET supports young engineers and technicians around the world.  Find out how you can create an on campus student community at your university by following our steps to getting started.

Group of the Year Award

IET On Campus Group of the Year

On Campus Group of the Year Award

Would you like to win £1,000* for a team activity/event of your choice? Of course you would! Here’s how you can do exactly that…

Student member activity

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Your stories

Find out what IET student members have been up to around the world through our section dedicated to news and reports on projects, competitions, charitable work and events.

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