Newcastle electrical engineering PhD student wins scholarship

Christopher Spargo, 25, has been awarded a prestigious IET postgraduate scholarship.

Christopher Spargo Christopher’s work focuses on developing novel electric motors for future electric vehicles, and he was awarded the £2,500 grant after impressing the IET judges with his work on combating global warming through green electrical vehicles.

As part of Newcastle University’s School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Christopher hopes his work will contribute to lower CO2 emissions as well as the ongoing development of greener transport.

“It is an honour to be awarded the IET postgraduate scholarship. I feel that to be the recipient of such an award from an internationally renowned and respected institution is, for me, a great personal achievement,” he says.

“This achievement highlights the recognition of my academic work, and for a man of science, to be honoured by such distinguished peers for their own scientific work, is the ultimate accolade.”

Alongside his academic work, Christopher has also co-founded a school outreach programme in Newcastle, which involved supporting secondary school pupils in the North East and promoting the career opportunities within engineering. Through this work he hopes to inspire young people to become engineers, as well as improving the general public’s perception of engineering.