Make the most of IET Engineering Communities

Find out how you can benefit from using the IET's online community platform.

Professional boy standing upright IET Engineering Communities allow you to discover local and technically focused networks, interact with peers and industry professionals and create content. They’re free to access for IET members and non-members alike, simply register online to create an account, then join the communities that interest you, or simply create your own!

Get answers

IET Engineering Communities offer many benefits to users, including the chance to become an active member of the wider engineering community.

Perfect for young engineers, they give you the chance to ask any in-depth technical questions you may have to professionals. It’s a great place to bounce ideas off other engineers and technologists. And, if you’re stuck on a problem, you’re bound to find someone with the answer.

Support your education and professional development

The place to go for essential engineering intelligence, IET Engineering Communities also give you easy access to IET representatives who can direct you to the best IET education and early career support resources.

By getting involved in the relevant discussions you can also pick up practical and informative tips on your professional development and career progression. There is even a vibrant professional development community you can join.

Share knowledge and resources

IET Engineering Communities is a great platform for engineering departments, groups and societies to work together and exchange ideas – collaboration allows you to double, triple or even quadruple your knowledge and resources.

Promote events

Conversations don’t have to be focused on academia or industry though – the relaxed atmosphere of the forums means they’re also great places to post pictures and stories of your day-to-day uni or apprenticeship life or promote special events, trips or competitions you’re arranging.

Networking opportunities

Make new friends at your university, company, local community or further afield by taking part in online conversations or starting one of your own.

Visit new communities covering topics that interest you and network with professionals working in, or passionate about, that field. You’ll find that you’re building your very own professional network in no time.

Get known by potential employers

A lot of professional employers can be found across the communities, making them a great opportunity for you to become known within sectors that interest you. Why not chat with employers and find out what they look for in new recruits?

Get involved and stand out from the crowd

The IET is always looking for bright young engineers to be featured online and in brochures, so people that regularly post in IET Engineering Communities may find themselves headhunted for case studies. Imagine becoming an ambassador for the engineering community – that’ll definitely look great on your CV!

IET Engineering Communities - useful tips

To get the most out of the IET Engineering Communities, follow these useful tips:

  • Make sure your profile is up-to-date. People are much more likely to engage with you if they know who they’re talking to;
  • Introduce yourself – a great way to let others know in this community what interests you and get the conversation flowing;
  • Set your notifications to send you an email when new content is added, including new members, forum posts, events and blog posts;
  • Invite your friends and colleagues to join. You don’t need to be an IET member to get involved in the IET Engineering Communities, so feel free to invite others that may benefit from joining a group.

IET Engineering Communities - where to start?

You’re now ready to get involved, so here are a couple of communities to visit to get you started…