The benefits of picking an IET accredited graduate scheme

An IET accredited scheme is quality assured, meaning you’ll be choosing a programme with the best support for professional development and career progression.

Check list What is IET accreditation?

When a company’s graduate or training scheme becomes accredited, this means it will have been assessed to be sure that it reaches a standard to be benchmarked as a programme that offers its employees a top level of training, support and professional development.

Ask any organisation which has recently undergone an accreditation visit and its staff will tell you it’s not just a case of ticking some boxes; it requires a lot of hard work.

Areas that are looked at in depth include resources and support such as mentors, the scheme’s structure and content, and most importantly, the opportunities available for graduates to develop the UK-SPEC competences required for professional registration. This entails how long it takes an employee to be able to apply for professional registration as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng) or Chartered Engineer (CEng). The assessment team also look at candidate completion: what roles do candidates take on once they’ve completed their initial training and whether the scheme supports their continued professional development (CPD) through to professional registration.

The assessors will examine any scheme documentation and visit the company for a day to see the scheme in action, where they will look into an organisation’s track record, its evidence to show that it has a history of developing staff and that it has a mechanism in place that keeps standards consistently high.

The benefits to you

The benefits to you, the graduate, are numerous. Firstly, you can tell that the scheme is on par with other top programmes within the UK and internationally. Because it has been independently assessed you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that there is a clear route for career development and that you’re buying into a company that takes its employees careers seriously.

One important thing to note for the career-orientated is that picking an accredited graduate scheme is great as they offer a streamlined route to professional registration.

Increased opportunities abound if you’ve chosen an IET accredited scheme so be sure to check on the status of any graduate programme before you apply. It’s not too hard to find one - over 130 graduate schemes are currently accredited by the IET in the UK alone.