Gap year advice

Find out more about gap years; from volunteering abroad to gaining experience closer to home. Learn about skills you can gain and how they can help your career.

Gap year students Many people consider taking a gap year to travel and experience more of the world, as well as undertake work experience that will give them new skills and make them more employable.

We take a look at the kinds of gap year experiences out there and how they can help your career, as well as provide advice on finances and companies that will help you plan your gap year.

We also highlight some engineering-specific gap year opportunities, such as the Year in Industry scheme.

Gap years – an introduction

The purpose of a gap year, the different opportunities and destinations to choose from, and how to plan the best gap year for you.

The right – and wrong – reasons to take a gap year

Are you taking a gap year for all the right reasons? Think hard, as you won’t gain much from the experience if you’re just looking for an extended stay on a beach!

How a gap year can help your career

Gap years are highly valued by employers for the skills and character they can help develop.

Engineering-focused gap year experiences

Want an engineering-focused gap year experience that will see you gain industry-specific skills and experience? Find out more about the options available.

Where to find out more about gap years

Further information on gap years and organisations that offer them.

Finance your gap year

Gap year costs and funding – advice on saving, budgeting and getting paid during your year out.

Gap year case studies

Young engineers share their gap year stories: from undertaking a year in industry to volunteering across the world.