Where to find out more about gap years

Further information on gap years and organisations that offer them.

Volunteers building Decided that a gap year is the right choice for you? Now it’s time to do your research and find a company that will take you into their workplace or on a global adventure.

The Internet is the obvious place to start looking for gap year opportunities and you can find a wealth of advice online.

“It is then important to do your research, talk to people and narrow down what you want to do. Look into the background of any companies you are thinking of approaching and work out your budget and wish list,” advises Emma Jones, author of Gap Years - The Essential Guide.

Where to start looking

Below is a list of just a few of the companies out there that either offers advice on gap years or are gap year providers. Although there are many others out there, these can be a good place to start your research.

The Year in Industry (YINI) [new window] - Provides high quality, paid placements for students in their gap year before or during their degree course.

Work & Volunteer [new window] offers a wide range of year out gap year and volunteer opportunities all around the world.

Gapyear.com [new window] - A social networking and travel advice website committed to providing you with everything you need to know about taking a gap year.

Prospects [new window] - The UK’s official careers website has a section dedicated to gap year advice.

Raleigh International [new window] - A youth and sustainable development charity, providing expeditions and volunteer projects abroad for people taking a gap year, career break, retirement or time out from education, employment or training.

The Year Out Group [new window] - A not for profit association of leading year out organisations to promote the concept and benefits of well structured year out programmes and help young people select suitable and worthwhile projects.

VSO [new window] - A leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries.

Projects Abroad Pro [new window] - An arm of Projects Abroad [new window] designed to encourage graduates, professionals on a career break and retired seniors to take part in voluntary work abroad.