Early career support

Information and career advice on the first few years of working life including stories from young engineers and technologists who are just starting out.

Young professionals

Want to know what life is actually like when you start working full-time as a qualified engineer or technologist? This section is dedicated to giving you an insight into the early years of working as an engineer, with fellow young professionals sharing their stories on starting work. There's also advice and support to help you survive these new experiences.

IET career support

How the IET can support you in your early career.

How to survive the first 100 days in a job

Tips on preparing yourself for the start of a new job; making the most of the induction process and leaving a great first impression.

Early career - case studies

Newly qualified engineers and technicians share their experiences of starting work full-time.

Alternative career options for engineering graduates

Engineering skills open up a wide range of career options and your status as an IET member enhances your employability. Make your membership work for you.