Upgrade your IET membership for free

Coming to the end of your apprenticeship or studies? Upgrade your IET membership for free and start using the designatory letters MIET or TMIET.

Young professionals On completion of your apprenticeship or college/university course you are entitled to a free IET membership upgrade, allowing you to add the all-important designatory letters MIET or TMIET to the end of your name.

What you need to do to become MIET or TMIET - for free

When your course finishes, your membership category is automatically transferred to Associate, but by simply filling out a form and sending it in you can become an IET Member with designatory letters (MIET or TMIET) at no extra cost. Alternatively go to www.theiet.org/transfer and apply to transfer online.

Supporting your early career

The IET's stamp of approval can help your CV stand out from the crowd and demonstrate professionalism and commitment to your career development, so be sure to get your free membership upgrade now!

From apprentice to technician

IET apprentices are able to apply for professional registration as an EngTech or ICTTech at the end of their scheme. Once obtained, you’re automatically given TMIET status.

Available to those who’ve completed an apprenticeship within the last four years, Technician Signature is a tailored IET membership package that can help technicians with their professional development and deliver specific support.

Amongst other things, it helps builds essential knowledge, supports professional development and offers members a personal mentoring service. At a reduced IET membership fee of £60 a year, it’s an opportunity young technicians don’t want to miss.

Find out more about Technician Signature.

Students - gain the IET Graduate Advantage

Available to final year students and graduates within the first year of graduation, Graduate Advantage is a tailored package of benefits designed by the IET to showcase your achievements, raise your professional profile and deliver specific support - giving you a head start in your career.

Easing your transition from graduation to employment, it builds essential knowledge, provides study tips, CV advice, job searching and introductory materials. At a discounted IET membership fee of £20 a year, it’s an opportunity young engineers don’t want to miss.

Find out more about Graduate Advantage.