Student diaries - Maria Felice

Maria began writing for the IET during her final year at university, and continued to report on her experiences as she undertook an engineering doctorate at the University of Bristol, sponsored by Rolls-Royce. On completion of her EngD Maria joined the Manufacturing Technology Centre as a research engineer.

Maria Felice

Winter 2014 diary entry

Having completed her EngD, Maria has taken on a research engineer at the Manufacturing Technology Centre. She looks over the end of her EngD experience and talks about her new role and what it entails.

Spring 2014 diary entry

Maria is coming to the end of her engineering doctorate with the University of Bristol and Rolls-Royce. She talks about her latest presentations and travels and shares the new challenges she’s set herself.

Winter 2013 diary entry

Now half way through her final EngD year, Maria’s been working on special projects at Rolls-Royce, heading to Cranfield to learn about fracture mechanics, entered a writing competition, all while working on her thesis!

Summer/Autumn 2013 diary entry

As well as working hard on her project, Maria’s spent the last few months travelling to conferences and undertaking outreach work. She’s also received an industrial fellowship by the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851.

Spring 2013 diary entry

Maria’s research work continues and she is now over halfway through her EngD. Here she discusses her research work in detail as well as how she’s taken on a more senior role within the Girl Geek Dinners community.

Autumn 2012 diary entry

A visit to the Olympic Stadium, presenting at the Annual Conference of The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing and a trip to the European Space Research and Technology Centre, Netherlands - Maria’s keeping busy!

Summer 2012 diary entry

Maria’s continuing her NDT research, presenting her work at her first international conference. She’s also gaining more publishing experience as well as networking with other women in the technology sector.

Spring 2012 diary entry

Maria’s been well travelled in the last few months, attending and helping organise local events as well as travelling farther afield to France and China.

Autumn 2011 diary entry

Tech training courses, working in evermore detail on her Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) project and networking at local events, Maria's been keeping busy over the last few months.

Summer 2011 diary entry

Attending conferences, training and IET events, Maria is keeping busy, but still finds the time to make the most of annual leave, going snowboarding in Scotland and visiting friends and family in Malta and the Netherlands.

Spring 2011 diary entry

Maria's finding her postgraduate routine is more like that of a worker than a student. She's getting practical training on-site at Rolls-Royce, learning new programming tools and going on a variety of technical visits.

Summer / Autumn 2010 diary entry

Completing her degree, Maria has now begun life as a postgraduate student, working towards an Engineering Doctorate at the University of Bristol.

Spring 2010 diary entry

After the Christmas holidays I had to hand in several assignments and sit for seven exams. This semester I am focusing much more on my project and have just four study units.

Autumn 2009 diary entry

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like bananas. I've been saying this quote to myself a lot lately, as time is flying by. I can't believe I'm in my 4th and final year at university.


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