Student diaries - Erin Nolan

Before starting her university course Erin spent a year in industry at the Science Technology Facilities Council, and she also invented a walking aid entitled the OneStep. After the second year of her electrical and mechanical MEng at the University of Edinburgh she’s decided to take a break from her education to work as a lead engineer at Edinsolar.

Erin Nolan with the Duke of York

Summer/Autumn 2014 diary entry

Erin talks about returning to STFC for her summer placement, starting her second year of university and getting involved in the World Solar Challenge.

Winter 2014 diary entry

In the last few months Erin’s somehow managed to fit in a trip to Barcelona, joined the Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative and the university’s computer society, spent time with the EdinSolar team and even taken part in a couple of hackathons!

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