Student diaries - Elsie Baderinwa

Elsie Baderinwa is a third year MEng Electrical and Electronic engineering student at the University of Sheffield. Here she talks about choosing between studying engineering and medicine, as well as her first year university experience.

Elsie Baderinwa  

Autumn 2017 diary entry

During her university break Elsie returned to British Steel for another summer placement. Here she talks about the projects she undertook and preparing for her fourth and final year at university. 

Spring 2017 diary entry

Elsie’s had a stressful time lately, as she’s been juggling multiple exams, lectures and projects. Once this all ended she took a short break to relax with her friends, before returning to British Steel for a second summer placement.

Winter 2016 diary entry

This semester Elsie’s found herself struggling to keep her head above water in the sea that is the third year of an electrical and electronic engineering master’s degree.

Autumn 2016 diary entry

Elsie talks about her summer placement at British Steel, being interviewed for TV, starting her university research project and joining Engineers Without Borders.

Spring 2016 diary entry

Elsie talks about life as a second year university student - the modules she’s taken, her design project, what it’s like to apply for internships and facing exams.

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