Student diaries - Aurelia Hibbert

Aurelia is an MEng engineering student at Cambridge University. Since starting her degree she's joined the Cambridge University Eco-Racing Team and become a member of Engineers Without Borders.

Aurelia with Evolution. Credit: Owen Brown and by kind permission of the Provost and Scholars of King's College, Cambridge  

Autumn 2017 diary entry

After a five-week summer placement at Expedition Engineering, Aurelia headed off on an ‘engineering world tour’ visiting Singapore, Malaysia, and finally Australia, where she’s preparing to take part in this year’s World Solar Challenge.

Spring 2017 diary entry

Aurelia’s last few months have involved exams and practical projects including bridge building. She’s also had to say goodbye to many of her graduating friends, while she prepares to return in the autumn for her final year.

Winter 2016 diary entry

After a year out of uni running the Cambridge University Eco Racing team, Aurelia’s back to lectures and labs. She’s finding this year to be the best yet, with French classes on hybrid vehicles, attending the Engineering Society Ball and beginning a special construction project.

Autumn 2016 diary entry

As well as a trip to France, Aurelia managed to squeeze in three work placements over the summer break, which has helped her to define exactly where she’d like her engineering career to head after university.

Spring 2016 diary entry

Aurelia talks about her last few months as leader of the CUER team, which have involved trips around the UK and overseas as well as meeting Sir James Dyson and Her Majesty The Queen.

Winter 2015 diary entry

Aurelia talks us through taking part in the World Solar Challenge, the problems the CUER team faced and what it was like to travel through the outback with the solar powered car they created!

Summer/Autumn 2015 diary entry

Aurelia’s been given an amazing opportunity to lead the Cambridge University Eco-Racing (CUER) Team, and so has taken a year out in order to undertake this role. She’s currently in Australia taking part in the World Solar Challenge after a summer of visiting alumni across Europe.

Spring 2015 diary entry

Aurelia continues to work hard on the eco racing project, but took time out to be on a panel at the Cambridge Women of the World event. She was also recently chosen for an Engineering Leadership Advanced Award.

Winter 2014 diary entry

It’s all go for Aurelia, who’s been promoted to deputy director of the Cambridge University Eco Racing team. Studying continues to challenge her, but Aurelia is determined to stay disciplined and is making the most of all opportunities available to her.

Summer/Autumn 2014 diary entry

Aurelia’s summer was spent jetting around Europe as part of her project management placement, visiting Monte Carlo and Eindhoven. She also talks about her first year exam experience.

Spring 2014 diary entry

First year engineering student Aurelia has thrown herself into university life and has become hugely active in the engineering community. She’s already had the chance to showcase her work at the Gadget Show Live and is now dealing with her first exams.

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