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Engineering student Mikolaj Mroszczak

Mikolaj Mroszczak – mechanical engineering MEng student

Mikolaj (Nick) Mroszczak is a mechanical engineering student at Cardiff University. He recently completed a yearlong internship at National Instruments (NI), where he developed a low cost, portable, medical monitoring device called myVitals. 

Charlie Allen

Charlie Allen - mechanical engineering BEng student

After an EDT Headstart course gave Charlie a taste of what an engineering career was like she applied to study mechanical engineering at university. Summer placements allowed her to try out different areas and she’s chosen to specialise in advanced materials.



Nazeefah Uzma Edoo

Nazeefah Uzma Edoo - BEng chemical and renewable energy engineering student

Nazeefah has fallen in love with the renewable energy sector and plans to help push forward renewable energy projects in her home of Mauritius.



Pawan Shrestha

Pawan Shrestha - electronics engineering PhD student

After completing his undergraduate degree Pawan worked as a lecturer, first in his home country of Nepal and later in New Zealand, where he undertook a master’s degree. He’s now a doctoral student at the University of Cambridge.



Chloe Tartan, optoelectronic engineering D.Phil student

Chloe Tartan - optoelectronic engineering D.Phil student

After studying Physics at Imperial College and UCL, Chloe undertook an MRes in Photonic Systems Development at the University of Cambridge before embarking on her D.Phil. at the University of Oxford. Here her work focuses on the development of new photonic technology using liquid crystalline systems.



Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor – Photonics PhD student

Richard Taylor, based at the University of Sheffield, is currently working towards a PhD in photonic crystal surface emitting lasers.



Peter Doggart, MEng computer systems engineering student

Peter Doggart - MEng computer systems engineering student

Peter, a student at Bangor University, was awarded an Excellence Scholarship for his first year as a result of obtaining outstanding A level results. He has also published a paper in the Journal of Applied Physics.



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