Choosing your course

How to choose the best university course for you, where to study and how much it will cost.

Depressed student When considering university there's a lot of information to take in and consider. Use our resources below to help you work out what university course and location is best for you, and to get to grips with UCAS terms and application deadlines.

Application timetable

UCAS provides a run down of its university application schedule including deadlines.

Choosing the right A levels

Advice on choosing the right A level courses if you’re looking to move into a career within engineering or technology.

How to choose the right university

Helps you pick a university that's right for you. Location, environment and prestige are all important.

Choosing your university course

Advice on choosing the right university course for you.

Didn’t make the grade?

Didn’t get the exam results you’d expected? Don’t panic, there are still several options available to you…

Benefits of accredited courses

IET accredited courses offer some great benefits, so keep them in mind when deciding which course is for you.

Writing personal statements

Advice on writing your UCAS personal statement when applying to university.