Application deadlines for 2013 university courses

2013 deadlines for UCAS applications.

For anyone aiming to start at a UK university in the autumn term of 2013, now is the time to sit down and put some important deadline dates in your diary. You should already be looking at starting the university application process, so read on for information on both UK and international student application deadlines.

UK students

There are two application deadlines for engineering and technology degree courses through UCAS - 15 October and 15 January - it is important to check the deadline for your chosen course(s). If you are applying from the UK, you should submit your application by the relevant deadline below.

  • 15 October 2012 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for all courses at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge;
  • 15 January 2013 - application deadline for the receipt at UCAS of applications for all other engineering and technology based course.

Applications received by the above deadlines are guaranteed to be considered by the universities and colleges. Applications received at UCAS after the deadlines, up until 30 June 2013, will only be considered by the universities and colleges if they still have vacancies in the course(s) you have selected.

Course start dates

Not all courses start in September or October - some start between January and May. Check the start dates for the courses you are interested in on the course information screen on the UCAS Course Search [new window]. For courses that start between January and May, you may need to apply before the three application deadlines above, as the universities and colleges will need time to consider your application.

Contact the university or college direct for advice about when they need your application. Although some will be happy to receive applications right up to the start of the course, be prepared to send your application early.

Please remember you do not have to apply for all your choices at the same time. You can add further choices as long as you have not used up all your choices and have not accepted a place (before 30 June 2013).

International applicants

If you are applying from outside the UK or EU, whatever your nationality, you need to be aware of the two application deadlines relevant to engineering and technology, but many universities and colleges will consider your application up until 30 June 2013. This does not apply to applications for the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. For these you must apply by 15 October 2012.

Universities and colleges do not guarantee to consider applications they receive after 15 January 2013, and some popular courses may not have vacancies after that date. Please check with individual universities and colleges if you are not sure. You are advised to apply as early as possible.

Remember to allow enough time for entry clearance or immigration; also travel and accommodation arrangements, which can take longer during the summer when immigration departments are busy.
If you think you may be assessed as a "home" student (UK or EU) for tuition fees, you should apply by 15 January 2013.

Taking a year out - deferred applications

If you want to take a year out before starting your course, check with your universities and colleges that they will accept a deferred entry application. If you apply for deferred entry in 2013, you must still apply by the relevant deadline above, and meet the conditions of any offers by 31 August 2013. If you accept a place starting in 2013, you cannot re-apply through UCAS in the 2013 cycle, unless your original application is withdrawn.

You can only send UCAS one application in each year's application cycle. If you send a second application, it will be cancelled and you will not receive a refund.


Source: UCAS