The highlights of the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux 2015

Couldn’t make the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux? IET Transport Sector Executive committee member Tim Gammons, Director of Smart Mobility & ITS at Arup, gives his highlights of the Congress.

Themes of the Congress

The Congress focused on seven key topics:

  • Space technologies and services for ITS
  • Cooperative ITS deployment challenges
  • Multimodal transport for people and goods
  • Urban trends driving ITS changes
  • Solutions for sustainable mobility
  • Automated roads, automated management, automated driving
  • Are big data and open data transport’s “silver bullets”?

Sessions were categorised into these seven topics, but particular themes ran through each of the topics. There was an emphasis on the need for joined up thinking between local authorities, operators and suppliers. European speakers also discussed the removal of borders; encouraging continuation of travel information and services from one country to the next. Another common thread was the changing face of transport; moving towards mobility as a service as opposed to private car ownership and segregated public transport services.

Notable exhibits and speakers

Navya’s autonomous vehicle demonstrations proved popular, allowing delegates to experience travelling in an autonomous vehicle on public roads in live traffic: view demonstration on YouTube...

Many demonstrations related to connected vehicle technology, and Compass4D had significant involvement in the congress. Other demonstrations included multimodal travel information apps, hydrogen bicycles and driving simulators. The European Commission retained a large presence throughout the sessions, and from the UK, Transport Systems Catapult was well represented as a platinum sponsor and exhibitor. Image of navya arma first autonomous vehicle  

Details of the next ITS Congresses

Melbourne will host the ITS World Congress in 2016 on behalf of ITS Asia-Pacific, with a theme of Enhancing Liveable Cities and Communities. ITS Asia-Pacific incorporates Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan and Singapore amongst other countries, meaning that we can expect an emphasis on new technology and automated and connected vehicles.

Glasgow has been chosen to host the 11 European ITS Congress between 6-9 June in 2016. The Congress theme is “Delivering Future Cities Now” and is based on Glasgow's pioneering work on Smart Cities which recently resulted in a £24M award and is based on the City's and Scotland's long history of innovation in Intelligent Traffic Control which started in 1967 with Europe's first computerised traffic control system.

If you want to catch up from the comfort of your chair here are some links to the session highlights:

Plenary Session 1 - ITS delivering societal changes, ITS World Congress 2015 Bordeaux
Plenary Session 2 - Space for intelligent mobility, ITS World Congress 2015 Bordeaux
Closing Ceremony - ITS World Congress 2015 Bordeaux