Energy efficiency opportunities in transport enabled by power electronics

The IET Transport Sector ran a technical seminar at the 17th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE’15-ECCE Europe, in Geneva on the 8th September 2015.

World energy consumption continues to grow at an unsustainable pace, and whilst Energy Efficiency has been the focus of national and international government regulation and initiatives for many years much more needs to be done. To date the approach to energy efficiency measures has tended to be piecemeal and driven by cost and carbon savings. Energy efficiency is clearly a cross function, cross theme, cross sector and cross energy type activity. The potential for improvements in each sector through the application of existing technologies and future developments is less well defined. This IET technical session at the EPE conference in 2015 gave context to energy efficiency measures and opportunities, in order to highlight existing good practice and future opportunities.

The session was led by Bill Drury (PEMD Consultant / Visiting Professor, University of Bristol) and was supported by Anna Bonne (Head of Transport Sector, IET). Bill is developing thought leadership in Energy Efficiency on behalf of the IET and will use this technical session to engage with interested parties and get them involved in developing this area further. Speakers included James Campbell (Technical Specialist, Rolls-Royce) and Will Drury (Global Technical Expert-Power Electronics, Ricardo). The session included presentations outlining the challenges, opportunities and future trends followed by a panel discussion and networking session.

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