Sector Insights

The IET's Information and Communications Sector has published a number of insights covering a range of topics from Intelligent Buildings to the Future of Accessible ICT.

Front cover of the intelligent buildings sector insight

Intelligent Buildings: Understanding and managing the security risks

View the Information and Communications Sector Insight on intelligent buildings and the security risks.



Front cover of the signal jamming sector insight

Jamming and radio interference: understanding the impact

Signal jamming is a regular modern occurrence. This latest Sector Insight seeks to understand the impact jamming and radio interference has on modern devices and technical equipment; looking at the regulations on radio transmissions, who is affected by jamming and the challenges of spectrum management in the UK.

Screenshot of the front cover for the Future of Accessible ICT sector insight

The Future of Accessible ICT

Good design for people with disabilities is frequently good design for everyone. This latest Sector Insight outlines the principles behind designing accessible ICT systems and software for disabled users and the benefits this can bring to the wider user community.