Smarter Network Storage - the first multi-purpose grid scale storage in the UK

Grid Scale electricity storage demonstration findings help prove opportunities for improved customer benefits and potential grid scale services

Smarter Network Storage

After four years of delivering an extremely interesting and ambitious project, UK Power Networks hosted a Smarter Network Storage final showcase event on the 2nd December 2017 at Savoy Place.

This innovative project has delivered the first multi-purpose grid scale storage in the UK and has triggered interest across the industry on the opportunities and challenges facing this technology.

The event presentations listed below cover the following areas of interest:

  • storage business models
  • the required regulatory and policy frameworks
  • the technical lessons learned
  • what this means for the future of energy storage

Adriana Laguna - Project Director SNS
"Energy Storage – Idea to Reality"

Sul Alli - Head of Strategy - UK Power Networks
"Pushing the Boundaries"

Ian Cooper - Technical Lead for SNS
"Designed for Success – collaboration"

Ian Morgan
"Storage Facility - design and layout"

Dr Panos Papadopoulos
"Optimising SNS Operation"

David Greenwood - Newcastle University
"Forecasting, optimisation and scheduling"

Udo Berninger
"An optimal control system for storage"

Dr Panos Papadopoulos
"Primary function of SNS"

Adriana Laguna
"Storage as a Multi-purpose asset"

Dr Panos Papadopoulos
"The value of each application - What did we learn?"

Dr Panos Papadopoulos
"The value of each application - Primary functions of SNS"

Christos Keramisanos
"The value of each application - Peak Shaving"

Adriana Laguna, Panos Papadopoulos, Ian Cooper, Sul Alli
"Full value of battery storage" - Q&A Session from audience

Anthony Price
"Storage needs regulatory change"

Goran Strbac
"Flexibility in practice"

Deidre Bell
"The role of storage in flexibility"

Adriana Laguna, Anthony Price, Goran Strbac, Simon Bradbury, Barry Hatton
Panel Interview

Adriana Laguna
"SNS: A game changer"

Barry Hatton
"What is next for storage?"