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Society Insight on Wearable Technology, Hybrid Aircraft And The Human Brain Project

In this blog post we focus on three areas that IET Local Networks have been discussing - Wearable technology, hybrid aircraft and brain modeling – and find out from the experts what impact these will have on our everyday lives now and in the future...

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Women in innovation: apply for in focus funding award

Women with potential to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders in innovation can apply for support and funding to help them to succeed.

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Funding competition: connected digital additive manufacturing

Businesses can apply for a share of £4.5 million to develop smarter, better connected 3D printing solutions.

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Funding competition: agri-food innovation in Turkey

UK businesses can apply for a share of £1.5 million to work with Turkish businesses on innovative solutions to challenges in the agri-food sector in Turkey.


Energy Catalyst round 4

Technology innovation is needed to solve the global energy sector ‘trilemma’ of: low carbon, security of supply and affordability. We are looking for innovative solutions in any technology or sector area. For round 4, applications must also be relevant to the needs of developing countries.

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Driving Future Motorsport Business Growth

Jaguar Land Rover’s Head of Research joins a powerful line-up for Driving Future Motorsport Business Growth Conference. More than 200 international cross-sector business leaders will experience the ‘Best of British’ at the MIA’s Driving Future Motorsport Business Growth Conference.


MIA Business day at the British Formula One Grand Prix

Join us on the 8th July for a MIA Business Day at the British Formula One Grand Prix…an inexpensive way to host your guests, customers and clients and see Formula One up close!

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Horizontal Innovation

Some of our greatest challenges may already have an answer... Help us find them

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) have joined forces to address the current lack of widespread exploitation of horizontal innovation in the business technology community. The long-term partnership aims to raise awareness and drive wider take-up of “Horizontal Innovation” across the UK innovation landscape.


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Horizon 2020 – Events series well underway. Want to participate but couldn’t attend? Browse potential partners and collaborators…

KTN in collaboration with Innovate UK is pleased to be delivering a series of events to launch the 2016/17 Horizon 2020 work programmes. The new work programmes have recently been published by the European Commission.


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Investors learn more about little-known ‘jewel in the crown’ of UK engineering, the SMEs of Motorsport Valley

SMEs from the UK’s booming £9 billion global motorsport industry presented to the City by the Motorsport Industry Association at an investment showcase.


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£3.4 Million India–UK Collaborative Industrial Research and Development Competition

Innovate UK and the Government of India are to invest up to £3.4 million in the India–UK collaborative industrial research and development competition: Clean-tech, affordable healthcare and ICT. This will fund projects that propose new commercial solutions to critical challenges impacting the socio-economic growth and development of India in relation to its clean-tech, healthcare and ICT sectors. 

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Sustainability and Resource Efficiency: H2020 Work Programme

The European Commission has published the much anticipated 2016/17 Work Programmes for Horizon2020, the largest ever EU Research and Innovation funding programme with an available budget of €79bn.


Front cover of the Innovations Award 2012, Design and Production - Self-retracting medical needle: Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd report

Innovations Award 2012, Design and Production - Self-retracting medical needle: Nottingham Trent University and Olberon Ltd

On this project Nottingham Trent University collaborated with Olberon Medical Innovation to develop a self-retracting medical needle. It is estimated that there are approximately 25 million intravenous injections, or cannulations, in the UK each year, with up to a third expected to fail on the first attempt. This innovative design addresses this issue by significantly reducing the number of failed intravenous injections.