Apply for a grant

All of the information you need to apply for a grant from the Engineering Education Grant Scheme.

 Applications to the scheme must be either led by members, have members as co-applicants or have a member advocate, and any engineer who is amemberoftheIETorIMechE can fulfill this requirement.

The role of the advocate is important as it helps to ensure that there is always a link between grant applications and member groups of the funders. The advocate is therefore both an informed critical friend of the project and a link to the volunteer member networks of the institutions.

How an advocate can support a grant application

  • Provide contact with IET or IMechE STEM Ambassadors, Schools Liaison Officers, Education Officers or other regional committee members; this is especially important if the project is funded (connect with volunteers from the IET or IMechE)
  • Advise on engineering content in the proposal
  • Provide connections to other relevant engineers or engineering organisations

What an advocate must not do

  • Review the application (a reviewing committee does this, using a rigorous process)
  • Insist on changes to the project
  • Act on behalf of the applicant
  • Make use of or share with a third party confidential business information or intellectual property

You are welcome to approach any of your existing IET or IMechE contacts to support your project as an advocate. It would be helpful to consider what support you would like from your advocate before you get in touch. If you don’t have existing contacts please get in touch at least 3 weeks before the closing date to request an introduction to our education volunteers.

To apply for funding:

Examples of good applications:

These are intended to give applicants an idea of what is considered a good amount of detail, and also to give an indication of the sort of scope we are looking for in a project.

If your project is funded

The Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers are committed to challenging perceptions about engineering. Applicants to this fund should be prepared to:

  • collect standard impact data that will contribute to a body of knowledge about engineering enrichment activities;
  • Involve IMechE and IET members in the development and/or delivery of projects;
  • Share information about activities which have the potential to be carried out by other members of the STEM education community on the National STEM Centre's eLibrary, STEM Learning's STEM Ambassador resource bank or other areas where resources can be accessed;
  • Distribute Tomorrow's Engineers careers resources to students and teachers participating in funded projects wherever appropriate.


All successful applicants are required to submit a report and impact data on completion of the funded project. To find out more about reporting requirements download the documents below.

Applicants who have not submitted a report for a previously funded project will not be considered for further funding until the outstanding report has been submitted and acknowledged.