Knowledge Packs - questions you may have

IET Knowledge Packs offer an easy and flexible way to access over 190,000 articles and chapters in the IET Digital Library.

What is a Knowledge Pack?

A Knowledge Pack is a collection of credits that enables members and non-members to download journal and conference articles and eBook chapters from the IET Digital Library.

What is included in the Knowledge Pack?

You can download from over 400 eBooks, over 1,300 conference publications, and over 70,000 journal article through the use of credits.

Members are given ten free downloads a year. One download is a single article or chapter. Non-members will need to purchase a Knowledge Pack to begin downloading.

Credits are valid from January to December each year. At the end of the year any unused credits will be removed and on 1 January members will receive ten new credits.

What if your Knowledge Pack runs out?

Members can buy additional packs at a reduced rate. This is £25 (£30 inc. VAT) and entitles you to 25 free downloads. This works out to £1 an article/chapter. It is heavily reduced from the non-member price which is £75 (£90 inc. VAT) for 10 downloads.

Additional packs must be used within 12 months of purchase.

How do I use my credits?

Simply logon to the IDL using your IET logon

The ten free credits will be automatically added to member accounts; non-members must purchase a Knowledge Pack to begin.

Search for the chapter or article you wish to download and click Use Knowledge Pack. This will open a pop-up box asking you to confirm that you wish to use a credit. Once this is confirmed the page will reload and the PDF will be available to download (once downloaded you can save to your computer).

Access to the PDF will expire after 48 hours, so you must download and save this file within this period.

How many credits do I have left?

The website will tell you how many credits you have remaining. You can check this by clicking on My Account on the right hand side of the screen and selecting View Credits

How to find content on the IDL

There are a number of different ways that content can be found:

  1. Search: enter keywords in the search box at the top of the page and browse results. Clicking on a result will take you to the page from which you can download the selected paper/chapter.
  2. Advanced search: allows you to search on a range of criteria, e.g. author, title, ISBN, and to specify date range, sort order etc.
  3. Browse: use the main navigation tabs at the top of the page to see the complete list of all our journals, conferences and eBooks and browse to individual papers/chapters.


If you have further questions, please email ietdl@theiet.org