Electrical Safety Management - book cover  

Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management

The aim of the Code of Practice is to provide good practice guidance to enable individuals and their organisations to have a level of knowledge and understanding to manage the risks associated with an electrical system. There are many technical publications that provide guidance on certain aspects of electrical safety but not in a way that provides a process for managing electrical safety.

Cover image for the Code of Practice for Electromagnetic Resilience  

Code of Practice for Electromagnetic Resilience

This Code of Practice on Electromagnetic Resilience covers risk management of electromagnetic interference (EMI) for safety-related systems.

Code of Practice for Achieving Competence for Safety-Related Systems Practitioners - Cover  

Code of Practice Competence for Safety Related Systems Practitioners

This Code of Practice is designed to help companies assess and maintain the competence of their engineering staff particularly in safety critical areas and industries. It sets out the competencies expected and evidence required to prove competence in specific tasks and helps organisations create schemes for monitoring and measuring the competencies of its employees. Human error is still recognised as the most frequent cause of problems and the field of safety critical systems /functional safety continues to develop along with the complexity of systems.